Reef Showreel, April 2014

Reef Showreel April 2014

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

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    • Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
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      1 - 11
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    • Year:
      2007 (9 x 60') / 2008 (20 x 45') / 2009 (30 x 60') / 2010 ( 30 x 45') / 2011 (30 x 45') / 2012 (60 x 45) / 2013 (40 x 45") / 2014 (40x45")
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Put Your Money Series 1 - 11 (2007-2014)

TV experts stand up and be counted! BBC Daytime's top antique experts are put to the test, and with their own money on the line, it's antique pistols at dawn!

Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb

Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb. Series 1 & 2 (2014)

Three homeowners get to snoop around each other’s houses in the hopes of picking up tips on ways to improve their own. They then get £1000 and one week – along with expert advice from Amanda Lamb – to makeover their houses. With a buyer coming to view at the end of the week – they’re all hoping to do enough to secure an offer.

French Collection

French Collection. Series 1-2 (2014)

French Collection sees three amateur vintage dealers travel to brocante markets in France to acquire a host of varied items with the aim of returning to the UK to sell them for a profit. Presented by wheeler dealer Mark Franks, the show features stunning French locations, eye catching renovations and up-cycling, alongside great advice on buying and selling vintage homewares.

Messiah at the Foundling Hospital

Messiah at the Foundling Hospital (2014)

Handel’s Messiah is one of the most popular choral pieces in western music. Yet few people know the extraordinary story of how this much-loved piece came to public attention or how it helped save the lives of tens of thousands of children. Historian Amanda Vickery and BBC Radio 3 presenter Tom Service present this one-hour drama documentary which re-creates the first performance of Messiah at London’s Foundling Hospital in 1750.

Britain's Craziest Christmas Lights

Britain's Craziest Christmas Lights (2013)

Narrated by the popular former Slade vocalist Noddy Holder, this documentary takes a warm-hearted look at those Christmas fanatics whose lives are fairly traditional for the most of the year but change dramatically in the run-up to the festive season. Eschewing the typical procedure of rooting around the loft for an ageing box of decorations, our Christmas-obsessed characters plan their displays months in advance. For them, putting up the lights also involves a head for heights, questionable DIY wiring and an unshakable resolve.

Chefs Put Your Menu Where Your Mouth Is

Chefs Put Your Menu Where Your Mouth Is. Series 1 - 2 (2009 & 2013)

Britain's top chefs go head to head to see who can make the most money from creating fabulous food for the great British public, with locations ranging from an American diner and bowling alley in East London to the British Pullman, sister train to the Venice Simplon Orient-Express.

The Story of NOW

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    • The Story of Now
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The Story of NOW (2013)

Now That’s What I Call Music! is one of the British pop music’s biggest success stories. Since the first ever Now was rolled out for Christmas 1983 with its delicious mix of Phil Collins, Kajagoogoo, Culture Club and Howard Jones, the series has gone on to sell more than 100 million records in the UK alone. Everyone owns one; you can pretty much work out someone’s age by it; and 30 years on, Now shows no signs of slowing down. With contributions from Sir Richard Branson, Dermot O’Leary, Dom Joly, Mark Wright, Jason Donovan, Limahl, Pete Waterman, Brian McFadden, Liz McClarnon, Gordon Smart and many others, this is going to be a must-see for all music fans.

Sarah Beeny's Selling Houses

Sarah Beeny's Selling Houses (2013)

The homeowners get the chance to snoop around each other’s houses before going head-to-head in competition for the buyer. Having sized up their rivals’ properties they then get one week, a thousand pounds and top-notch advice from Sarah Beeny on what home improvements to make, before a buyer comes round to select their favourite.

Britain's Hidden Heritage

Britain's Hidden Heritage. Series 1 and 2 (2011-2012)

BBC One reveals the surprising and unexpected heritage stories that have shaped the lives of the whole nation. From the grandest of stately homes, to the landmarks of our crumbling industrial history; from the forgotten gems of our literary past, to Cold War icons, Britain’s Hidden Heritage digs deep to reveal some incredible secrets. The second series starts on Sunday 19th August 2012 at 7pm on BBC1.

Britain's First Photo Album presented by John Sergeant

Britain's First Photo Album presented by John Sergeant (2012)

Reef Television has been commissioned by BBC Two to produce Britain’s First Photo Album (w/t), a 10 x 30 mins series on the extraordinary achievement of Francis Frith, the pioneer Victorian photographer who embarked upon a colossal project to photograph as much of the United Kingdom as possible during the second half of the 19th century.

Britain's Killer Roads

Britain's Killer Roads. Series 1 (2011)

This five part series takes a searching look at the nation's most dangerous roads and asks if there is more that can be done to make these routes safer for those who use them. Presented by Joe Crowley.

Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors (2008)

Charlie Luxton gives access-all-area tours of some incredible buildings which are usually closed to public, except for once a year, when they open their doors as part of a series of special architecture events across Britain. In five themed episodes, kicking off with Power, Charlie explores some of Britain's best kept building secrets.

Suggs In The City

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    • Suggs In The City
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    • Year:
      2008 (8 x 30')
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Suggs In The City (2008)

Suggs invites viewers to join him at world famous members bar The Colony Room. Each show sees star guests chat and make merry whilst enjoying acoustic performances from some great acts. Featured in series one: Paul Weller, Estelle, Martin Freeman, Sharleen Spiteri, Billy Bragg, Tamsin Grieg, Levi Roots.

In Living Memory

In Living Memory

This one-off documentary, timed to coincide with the build-up to Remembrance Day 2007, was hosted by Dan Snow from the newly-opened Armed Forces Memorial, the first national memorial dedicated to the men and women of the UK Armed Forces (Regular and Reserve) killed on duty or as a result of terrorist action since the Second World War.

Thames Wildlife Superhighway

Thames Wildlife Superhighway (2006)

In 1957 the River Thames was declared biologically dead yet fifty years later it is one of the cleanest metropolitan waterways in the world. In this series BBC s Coast Miranda Krestovnikoff travels the full 215 miles of the Thames from source to sea to uncover the surprising species that live on this historic river.

The People’s Museum

The People’s Museum (2006)

The public vote for Britain's most treasured items, taken from an expert selection from the nation's galleries and museums. From Bagpuss to the Bouncing Bomb, Shackleton's Compass to Wellington's boots, Shakespeare's First Folio to the Supermarine Spitfire - which would you vote for?

Picture Perfect Homes

Picture Perfect Homes (2008)

Architect Ptolemy Dean explores ten different period homes representing ten different architectural styles, from fine Georgian squares to delightful Victorian semis.

Britains Vanishing Views

Britains Vanishing Views (2008)

Architect Ptolemy Dean is setting out to capture five iconic British views which all have one thing in common - they are about to vanish forever. Ptolemy takes his sketchbook to record five very different views vanishing from our landscape: from the demolition of Sheffield's famous cooling towers, to the radical changes taking place to the iconic Liverpool skyline.

Buy It, Sell It, Bank It

Buy It, Sell It, Bank It (2008)

One property, two buyers - but only one can win! Property developer Kristian Digby captures the tension when two people compete to buy a property at auction, follows the unfolding drama of the winning bidder's renovation job, and finds out how the losing bidder ultimately rates the final transformation!

Trash to Cash

Trash to Cash (2008-2010)

Presenters Lorne Spicer and Jacey Normand help people recycle, refurbish and repair the clutter in their homes in order to raise money for themselves and a good cause. Being green has never been so entertaining - or so rewarding!

Who's Got God's Millions

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    • Who's Got God's Millions
    • Broadcaster:
    • Year:
      2008 (1 x 60')
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Who's Got God's Millions (2008)

Robert Llewellyn sets out on a journey to discover which of the world's major religions is the richest. With 170 faiths practised in England and Wales, Robert takes off to Rome, Jerusalem and Canterbury to try and find out Who's Got God's Millions?

Sun, Sea and Bargain Spotting

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    • Sun, Sea and Bargain Spotting
    • Series:
      1 - 5
    • Broadcaster:
    • Year:
      2004 (20 x 60') / 2005 (15 x 60') / 2006 (15 x 45') / 2007 (15 x 45') / 2008 (25 x 45')
    • Distributor: Passion Distribution - Visit website
    • Available for distribution?: Yes

Sun, Sea and Bargain Spotting (2004-2008)

Angela Rippon and her team of experts guide two competing bargain spotters towards the best collectables in France, Belgium and Italy. Once back in the UK the contestants have one day to sell all their purchases at an antiques market; the one that makes the most money wins an antique prize chosen by Angela.

The Grape Escape

The Grape Escape (2006)

One man's dream to buy and transform a vineyard in the southern most point of Africa and produce a world-beating wine.

Uncharted Territory

Uncharted Territory (2005)

An essential guide for anyone with a sense of adventure, but a limited budget, dreaming of owning a property abroad. From Brazil to India, Morocco to Slovakia, and Turkey to Egypt, we head off the beaten track to source some incredible properties.

Homes & Property

Homes & Property (2006)

The property and design magazine programme in association with Evening Standard's Homes & Property. Emma Forbes presents inspiring interior design and thought-provoking architecture.

Digging for Victory

Digging for Victory (2007)

In association with UKTV and the National Allotment Gardens Trust, Reef leads a nationwide competition to find Britain's best allotment site and award them a cash prize. Presented by Chris Collins, with expert judge Hannah Genders.

Matt Jame's Eco Eden

Matt Jame's Eco Eden (2007)

A visually stunning series with classic garden makeovers that also looks at important issues facing modern gardens such as environmental sustainability, water conservation, the preservation of biodiversity and reducing our carbon footprint.

My Favourite Garden

My Favourite Garden (2007)

Ten celebrities including Ann Widdecombe, Germaine Greer and Charles Kennedy take us on a journey around their favourite garden. The celebrities' choices reveal something about their personal histories and tastes and allow us to luxuriate in a visually stunning exploration of some of Britain's most beautiful gardens.

Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange (2005)

Everyone loves to spend but do we always know when we're getting a bargain? Alistair Appleton and Kimberley Cohen show you how to shop, save the pennies and have yourself a fab holiday, as they take Britain's shopaholics on a tour of Europe's best shopping cities.

Five Steps to a New You

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    • Five Steps to a New You
    • Broadcaster:
    • Year:
      2005 (16 x 5’)
    • Available for distribution?: No

Five Steps to a New You (2005)

Carrie Grant helps people gear up for the new year with a simple 5 step plan to help their health, wealth and beauty.

Perfect Properties

Perfect Properties (2004)

Architect twins Mario & Theo go in search of the most luxurious homes for sale in the UK. From waterside wonder to fantasy farmhouse, taking in the most expensive homes on sale in Britain, this pair of property perfectionists won't settle till they find the ultimate home.

Put Your Money Where Your House Is

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  • Distribution
    • Put Your Money Where Your House Is
    • Series:
      1 - 3
    • Broadcaster:
    • Year:
      2003 (15 x 30’) / 2004 (15 x 30’) / 2005 (15 x 30’)
    • Distributor: Reef Television
    • Available for distribution?: Yes

Put Your Money Where Your House Is (2003-2005)

Melissa Porter takes a look at our homes and shows us how to make the most of what we've got. Why move when investing in your home with a little careful planning can boost its long term value and give you the dream home you've always wanted.

Model Gardens

Model Gardens. Series 1 & 2 (2003-2004)

Garden Designer Sven Wombwell helps homeowners redesign their gardens from scratch using a bespoke model built to help them see exactly what the new space will look like.